Baby Pink and Zen Grey Farmhouse Ruffled Crib Bumpers

$250.00 $187.50

Baby Pink and Zen Grey Baby Girl Ruffled Crib Bumpers are completely handmade with a washed 100% cotton fabric. Sweet tiny style bumper ties secure to your crib railings by tying into knots or tiny bows. Crib bumper pads are made as four separates, each with zip closures. Bumper inserts are all handmade as four separate pillow-style insert pieces, each with 100% cotton covers that are hand-stuffed full with premium polyester. Crib bumpers are much fuller and more plump than most. Baby pink is a gorgeous light soft airy pink, perfect for a baby girl's nursery. Zen Grey is a very pretty light grey.

Fits standard size crib mattress.
100% washed cotton.
Machine wash/dry.
Handmade in the USA.