Seaglass Farmhouse Crib Bumpers


Seaglass Crib Bumpers are a sweet 100% washed cotton crib bumpers for your nursery. The crib bumper pads are shown in a farmhouse basic style. Bumpers shown are in a pretty seaglass 100% washed cotton, perfect for a baby boy or baby girl. Seaglass is a very light airy aqua blue color, similar to that of the crystal clear sea! These bumpers are 4 pieces, each piece with classic style bumper ties that tie into knots to secure to your crib railings, then long enough to tie into small pretty bows. Crib bumper pads are made as four separates, each with zip closures for easy washing. Bumper inserts are made as pillows, each hand-stuffed with a premium polyester filling.

100% Washed Cotton.
Fits standard size crib mattress.
Handmade in the USA.
Machine wash/dry.