Top Baby Shower Gifts

2022 has brought so many baby shower invitations to our mailbox. It is so exciting to share such a sweet time of motherhood with the best of friends, but with so many new babies, sometimes its hard to decide what everyone really wants (or needs)! I’ve come up with a few of my favorite baby shower gifts that not only show love and care, but also some trending must-haves for new mothers. 

Wooden Monogram Door Hanger 

Wooden Monograms: These are so pretty to hang over the crib. They come in tons of different fonts and colors for boys and girls.

Baby Books

Books: Baby books will always be one of my favorite gifts. There are so many good ones, just pick a few of your favorites. You can make it extra sweet and special by writing the baby a note on the inside cover.

Nursery Wall Art

Nursery Wall Art: Colorful, whimsical paintings in the nursery add such a happy vibe to the new baby's space. 

Nursery Storage Nesting Baskets

Storage Baskets: These lined nesting baskets are the perfect gift because you can never have enough storage in the nursery. 

Beaufort Bonnet Company

Bonnets: Who doesn't love a precious bonnet for that special occasion when the baby needs to get all dressed up. These are also the sweetest keepsakes.

Lily Jade Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag: Functional meets stylish and luxurious diaper bags. The Lily Jade Diaper Bags come in all sizes. They even have a hospital bag too!

Cotton Baby Blanket

Baby Blankets: These blankets can go from the hospital to church to the bassinet to the beach. 100% washed cotton, handmade, and they last forever. 

What are some of the best gifts you received at your baby shower? Or what are some of your favorites that aren't on our list?!

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